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A series of mind games and puzzles awaits you. Focusing more on your career skills, this test has a lot to offer. Instead of boring questions about work habits, this test dives deep into how strong you are in a variety of job-related areas. Do you work well with others?

Get to Know the 5 Most Popular Pre-Employment Personality Tests

The Big Five Personality Test focuses on how you work and how well you communicate with others. It gives you insight into whether you should be in a job that has you communicating with others all the time or a loner that gets the job done by yourself. Once you answer the questions, you may fall into a variety of categories.

You may be classified as a reformer, an enthusiast or even an achiever. One of the cool things this test tells you is how you work with co-workers.

Better yet, it shows you how to improve in certain areas where you may have scored low. Overall, this test offers a lot. It encompasses a broad range of results , ranging from your preferences at how to complete tasks to reasoning. As with most of the tests on this list, it gives you a handful of job categories you would be excellent in.

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For most people, the right career is hard to find. Lets say a work colleague arrives at the office wearing a coat which you percieve is clearly inappropriate. Are you the sort of person that will do them a favour and tell them immediately "don't wear that coat anymore" or, are you someone more gentle to their feelings, and will tell a white lie for the sake of their emotions?

If you would answer honestly and risk hurting their feelings, that is an indication of thinking over feeling, while second way is feeling over thinking. Thinking people are generally more comfortable in conflict situations and enjoy debate, so therefore possibly are better lawyers, business leaders or police. On the other hand, a feeling person generaly dislikes conflict and prefer working with others, so they may make a better psychologist, teacher or nurse, etc.

We have more data and tools to optimize our career predictions than any other career test on the planet.

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We validate our career predictions using two methods. First we cross-reference our interest predictions with users' propensity to "like" a career on our website to ensure that our interest scales do indeed predict interest.

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Second, we validate our overall predictions with users' actual review of their career history in order to optimize the predictive ability of our overall match score. Career data comes from numerous sources, including the U. Bureau of Labor Statistics , the U. Government, CareerExplorer user data, and CareerExplorer's proprietary content team.

The test platform was developed by CareerExplorer engineers. People change careers any many different stages of life, and nothing about our assessment is age specific. We don't use race, gender, or age in generating matches and work hard to make sure our test doesn't discriminate against race, gender, or age where relevant. What is the CareerExplorer Career Test?

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We measure it four different ways. Interests Will I find this career interesting? Research shows that people's interests in a career are the number one predictor of satisfaction. Workplace Will the typical workplace of this career make me happy?