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Garcia was on vacation Friday and had a clear docket. She tweeted that she'd spend as much time as needed at the courthouse to marry as many people as she could. I'm headed to court right now to perform ceremonies.

Since I'm on vacation, no docket. I'll be there as long as needed. Texas' conservative leadership denounced the ruling Friday, saying the Supreme Court judges are an unelected nine-member legislature imposing their personal views on the country while vowing emphatically to keep fighting for "traditional values.

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Following the decision by the nation's highest court, President Barack Obama took to Twitter and said the decision is "a big step in our march toward equality. Today is a big step in our march toward equality.

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Gay and lesbian couples now have the right to marry, just like anyone else. Meanwhile, gay couples across the state began lining up for marriage licenses within hours of the Supreme Court ruling they had the right to wed. Some counties, including Denton, denied the applications saying they needed guidance from their district attorney or the attorney general.

In Dallas County, where licenses were being granted, the county's 13 district judges and five family court judges said they would waive the usual hour waiting period between receiving a marriage license and performing the ceremony to allow couples to be married Friday. Published Friday, June 26, That was good news for Kristy Johnson and Ingrid Snelling, a lesbian couple who, after 22 years together, rushed to the county clerk's office after hearing the Supreme Court's ruling.

There will be more tears. My sun and my moon and my best friend. No more being turned away from hospitals and feeling humiliated when I needed to care for her — which has happened to me. This means a whole lot.

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Gay Marriage Ruling Cheered Nationwide. Dallas County officials said they reserved extra space within the courthouse to accommodate the expected large crowds. Courthouse hours were also be extended, officials said.

Marriage License Filing in Texas

And today I am so proud to be an American. Proud to be here in Texas.

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So, so happy," said Brad Sanders. We were born here. We met here. We live here.

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It was important that we got married here. Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings echoed a similar sentiment Friday morning. I am proud to lead a city that is home to numerous large businesses that have already embraced policies in support of gay and lesbian families. This court ruling will help our city and cities across America continue to grow and prosper," said Rawlings. I expect that my family and I will celebrate with them at some very special marriage ceremonies in the coming months and years.

Dallas County Sheriff Lupe Valdez, the county's first openly gay sheriff, stopped by the Dallas County Records Building on Friday morning to see the line of couples preparing to seek marriage licenses. Valdez, who was in uniform, shook hands with some of the couples waiting in line to get their marriage licenses, offering congratulations. Valdez said she wanted to help celebrate the U.

Obtaining your marriage license is one of the few wedding planning events both members must attend, which makes it a memorable step. The process, unfortunately, may not be as cheeky as the photos gracing Instagram. To save you some time, we put together a fool-proof marriage license guide to ensure you are legally wed on wedding day.

Marriage Licenses

It is important to note: you do not have to apply for a marriage license in the same county you will wed, but you have to return the completed license to the same county where you applied after your ceremony. After receiving a marriage license from the county clerk, you must wait hrs before an officiant can perform a wedding ceremony. You must hold your wedding ceremony within 90 days of obtaining the marriage license otherwise the license will expire.

During wedding day, you, your spouse, your officiant, and a witness sign and validate the marriage license. Are pre-marital education courses worth it?

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Who can perform the wedding? Judges, magistrates, or any officer of a religious organization authorized to perform weddings. What if we were married in another state? Are we now married in Texas?

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What kinds of benefits do we get from being married? Some of this is complicated and will depend on where you live and whom you work for, but there are a number of health insurance benefits, work rights, inheritance and property rights, tax benefits, spousal privileges, and immigration, social security, and military benefits that are now available to you. What about obligations?

Dallas County Clerk - Marriage License

There are some restrictions on your freedom to make decisions about property as well. Can a member of the clergy refuse to marry my partner and me? No, and if they do, contact us immediately at info aclutx. That depends on where you live. Unfortunately, outside of these cities there is no state or federal law preventing businesses from discriminating against you.