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Alex, the university is located on the outskirts but not really that far from centro, certainly not walking distance. Check with people who are already there for the best area to live in. Commuting in Morelia is not very difficult. Send me a private message, as this is not exactly travel related post. Morelia is a very pleasant city for living. Congratulations, you are doing something I wish I had been able to undertake during my work history -- and doing it in a very personally engaging and geographically and historically significant area.

Public Intercity transportation is done via a good highway system on very good private bus companies. Smaller regional bus companies radiate from cities and serve smaller communities. There are no intercity public trains in Mexico -- a few "tourist" trains exist but, they are not significant. From Morelia you will be able to venture further afield via one of the domestic airline companies, and cost effectively explore Mexico City , many of the "beach resort communities" on either the Pacific coast or the Gulf of Mexico, or the many historic pre-Hispanic archaeological sites.

We remove posts that do not follow our posting guidelines, and we reserve the right to remove any post for any reason. Time is a dimension not heard of here in Mexico I firmly suggest you solidify your bank and internet and phone accounts before arriving, here it takes forever, really MAKE your job get your internet working in advance of arrival, drove me half nuts this year with 6 months fighting with TotalPlay and TelMex You may want to lease a car or have your job provide transport.

To travel around Mexico there is a nice system of first class buses, supplemented by second class and various taxi indy companies. Safety topics have been covered ad nauseum on the forum do a search. I increasingly think it has to do with who you are - gomexico here has a much more risk adversive outlook than I do or EnrouteSiglo - go figure - I am a ok maybe pound blonde female, Enroute is not a big guy and gomexico is an older white gentleman. I have travelled extensively in Mexico for like 30 years and live here as a permanent resident for Do not go to cantinas, they are dive bars.

Do not go into crummy neighborhoods, just turn around and grab a cab if you happen upon one. Listen to the women, they are always protecting me here.

The best way of staying safe is avoid danger. Our staff may also remove posts that do not follow our posting guidelines, and we reserve the right to remove any post for any reason. Thanks for being a part of the TripAdvisor travel community! Michoacan is NOT a "troubled, war-zone state!!

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Morelia is one place where you can walk the streets day or night and not be harassed. You will love Morelia! Armed members of some self-defense groups maintain roadblocks and, although not considered hostile to foreigners or tourists, are suspicious of outsiders and should be considered volatile and unpredictable. Profile Sign up. Log in to get trip updates and message other travellers.

What is daily life like in Morelia? Watch this Topic. Browse forums All Browse by destination. Morelia forums. All forums. From the parking lot you will go up a trail lined with vendors. It can be very smokey from the cooking grills. You will start to see butterflies from the beginning. You make your way up to the visitor center, and from there, it is about a one hour hike mostly uphill. You will be in the shade of the oyamel fir trees, some parts with steps, others just dusty soil, up to where the butterflies are hanging out.

There are swarms of Monarch overhead and all around, getting thicker the further into the oyamel forest you go. It is a moderately strenuous hike, so take it slow with breaks if you are not in the best of shape. We saw many old grandmothers up there, and some were hard to keep up with! Most shouldn't have much trouble on the hike, just don't forget to bring water. At the end of the trail you will see hundreds of thousands or possibly millions of butterflies, in the air, painting the oyamel trees orange, filtering out the sun.

It is quite a site. Along the way you will also see many Monarchs. There are a few places were there is water on the ground and they swarm in to drink. Earlier in the season I saw them huddled together on the trees, completely covering the trees, with their wings inverted so that in the shade, they appear to be brown and dry. This last visit, with warmer weather, they were more active, with fewer on the trees and many more in the air.

If you go on the weekend, expect it to be crowded, and don't expect to run into many English speakers. It is less crowded on the weekdays, and they may assign you a guide.

On the weekends they have people posted all along the trails, but on less crowded days, they send the guides along, I wasn't able to discern their criteria in assigning guides, but I am sure it is a safety thing just to make sure you don't fall and end up laying there on the trail all alone. It is not a dangerous trail, but it is a trail and all good hiking safety rules always apply.

Recently friends, who did not speak much Spanish went on their own and had a great time. The butterflies are not the only attraction to this gorgeous area of the State of Michoacan. It almost lured me away from the lake area. My suggestion is leave early, do the sanctuary, and then head over to Los Azufres. On the weekdays you wont have problems getting a room, except Semana Santa Easter and the two weeks that follow, but on the weekend, get a reservation.

I suggest Laguna Larga since the rooms are basic, but cheap for very small cabin room matrimonial bed. There is barely enough room to walk around it on two sides and a decent bathroom with plenty of hot water. They have the prettiest setting on the lake, with the nicest pool where the hot water pours out of the rocks and the pool is built around it. This is the hottest pool, not as hot as a Jacuzzi, and the water goes from there to the other pools which are progressively cooler and full of kids.

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The top pool here is the best. You can sit under the hot water is it erupts from the mineral slicked rocks. So after your long hike you go and sooth your muscles in the therapeutic mineral springs. Consider bring food with you since on the weekdays the restaurants may not open, or they close early. On the weekend, there are several restaurants in the area. There are many other places with hot springs in the area, Laguna Larga is the one I like the best but I have not yet been to them all.

The club next door has nice pools, one indoor, and they spa with massage. - Mexico

Get a day pass to enjoy the springs. Bring your own towels, sandals that you can get wet and a swimsuit. If you stay in Los Azufres, you can soak in the morning and start to head back.

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On the way, you should go to Tlapuljahua, which is on Mexico Libre and not far from the cuota. Tlapuljahuais called Michoacan's second Pueblo Majia after Patzcuaro. The architectural and small pueblo has the charm that I imagine San Miguel de Allende had many many years ago before it got so big, and much smaller and frankly more charming in some ways than Patzcuaro. It is over feet, so a bit cooler, an old mining village, and very, pretty. I can't wait to go back and explore it more. The 56, hectare , acres biosphere lies within rugged forested mountains about km northwest of Mexico City.